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WELCOME to Metroseeq Local Search!  

If this is your first time, try the 2 modes of search -->

  1. PROXIMITY Search - [Show all dining options]
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  1. Individuals - you can find the business and click on "add deal" from Proximity search.
  2. Coupon Aggregators - we provide an API so you can upload your deals in bulk.


To save money on your next restaurant visit, simply click on the image or external URL of the "Q-Pons" to be linked to our partners

  1. RESTAURANT.com - you can purchase and print these money saving coupons out from your printer. ON-DEMAND!
  2. ENTERTAINMENT.com - a single book can add up your savings. Expect shipping delay; book is $9.99 until May 31st!
  3. PASSPORT UNLIMITED cards - present card and receive savings.

We just launched and we value your feedback and suggestions - please send to them bookkeeping services Brisbane.

Please help us spread the word.  Thanks for being part of Metroseeq's early success! 

~kevin, Creator of MetroSEEQ


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